Meet Matatalab Hands-on Coding Robots

Kids and their parents playing Programming toys at home - Matatalab

For School

Educational Coding Robot Sets
  • For Grades PreK-4
  • Certificated with Education Alliance Finland
  • Member of European Schoolnet
The Father and his kids playing Matatalab programming kit - Matatalab

For Home

Entry level Coding Robot Sets
  • For Age 3-9
  • Learning through play
  • With challenge booklets

Bring Coding into Your Classroom

Comprehensive STEAM Learning Solution
Classroom Design - Coding kits for kids - Matatalab
Innovative teaching robots, standard-aligned curricula, activities, and professional development
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Learn and Play

Kids playing STEM toys - Matatalab

For School

Aligned with standards
 Kids playing promgarmming toys - Matatalab

For Home

Learning through play
Matatalab Coding Toys Learn and Play - Matatalab


Global robotics competition

Certification and Comments

matatalab adwards

“Matatalab Robot is a very effective and versatile way to teach computational thinking to young children!”

Judy Quintero
Pre-K teacher, USA
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Students absolutely loved Matatalab. What worked best was that the blocks read like a book, left to right, top to bottom.

Erica Phillips
1st grade teacher, Canada
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Matatalab learning tools are hands-on, engaging, fun and are our number one pick for introducing young students to coding.

Susan Wells
Founder CEO TechTerra Education, Former School Principal/Head of School
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MWRC|228 read
MWRC 2022 Online Finals Successfully Conducted
90 Matata teams in 7 countries worldwide show unexceptional talent in the competition!
|165 read
Matatalab Tale-Bot Pro Earns 2022 Academics' Choice Brain Toy Award for Mind-Building Excellence
Matatalab Tale-Bot Pro has been selected as a winner of the Summer 2022 Academics' Choice Brain Toy Award.
MWRC Tangible Coding Robotics Competition
MWRC|84 read
MWRC The 3rd Guangdong Youth Innovative Thinking and Technology Practice Competition Successfully Conducted!
173 teams with more than 300 children participated in the MWRC Tangible Coding Robotics Competition in the preschooler category.