1. MATATALAB guarantees that all Products shipped to Distributor shall be of good quality and new construction and shall conform to MATATALAB specifications.
  2. Visual Inspection

When the Distributor receives the goods, the quantity and quality of the package should be checked and accepted on the spot. If any problem is found, please refuse to sign for it and inform MATATLAB by sending Email to support@matatalab.com with photos in time. All responsibilities and risks shall be borne by the receiving party after signing.

  1. Omissions and Defectives
  1. Omission

If Distributor finds any omission in the received goods:

1) Send an Email to support@matatalab.com  indicating "omission" in the subject and the following in the body:

a. Distributor name;

b. Order number;

c. The name and quantity of omission goods.

Feedback is valid within 7 days after your signature for receipt. The distributor should check immediately after receiving the goods.

2) MATATALAB will verify the order and feedback a remedial scheme within two working days after receiving the email.

3) Generally MATATALAB will record the verified omission and provide a case ID to Distributor at the same time. When Distributor places an order in the next time, includes the case ID in the order as a remark, the omitted goods will be delivered together with the goods of this order. If Distributor is in urgent need of the omitted goods, it may coordinate with MATATALAB to arrange redelivering immediately.

4) MATATALAB shall undertake the freight of re-delivering.

  1. Lack of component and manufacturing defect

Distributor shall remind the customer to check the goods timely, or unpack the box for inspection before delivering the goods.

1) Distributor shall verify customer's feedback for the lack and defects of components. Once verified, Distributor shall supply again.

2) Distributor shall summarize the data of products with lack of component and/or manufacturing defect in customer feedback, and send them to MATATALAB in email: support@matatalab.com within 7 days after receipt of goods by the end consumer. MATATALAB shall provide the required registration forms.

MATATALAB shall process it within 2 working days after receiving the email.

3) Generally, MATATALAB shall record the missing/defective components that have been verified, and generate a case ID to Distributor. Incorporate the case ID in the order as a remark when Distributor places an order in the next time. If Distributor is in urgent need of the missing/defective components, it may coordinate with MATATALAB to arrange redelivering immediately.

4) MATATALAB shall undertake the freight of redelivering.

  1. Warranty

Warranty starts from receipt of the goods by end user.



Matata-Pro set

12 Months


12 Months

Matata- Friends

12 Months

Matata-Coding set

12 Months

Matata-Sensor Add-on

12 Months

Matata-Musician Add-on

12 Months

Matata-Artist Add-on

12 Months


6 Months


6 Months

Warranty does not include such situations below:

  1. Damage/defect caused by operation in those environments disobeying the User Manual, including but not limited to Overvoltage, Overcurrent, Thunder Strike, High Temperature, High Humidity, etc.
  2. Damage/defect caused by force majeure, including but not limited to Earthquake, Fire, Flooding, etc.
  3. Damage/defect caused by human factors including but not limited to Falling, Collision, Tearing, Soaking, Operating Improperly, etc.
  4. Damage/defect caused by disobeying the manual in operation.
  5. Damage/defect caused by Refitting, Disassembling, Assembling without MATATALAB’s permission.
  6. Damage/defect happens during transportation from Distributor to end user.
  7. Other situations that are not caused by Design, Manufacturing, Quality Issues.

Once end user finds damage and contacts Distributor,

1) For the products sold by Distributor, Distributor is responsible for the after-sales service and support of the products. MATATALAB shall provide technical training and support to Distributor.

2) If Distributor cannot identify the damage/defect of products, contact the technical service center support@matatalab.com for assistance in processing.

3) For the damaged/defective product within its warranty period and scope confirmed by Distributor or technical service center of MATATALAB, Distributor is responsible for its replacement or maintenance. For the product to be replaced, Distributor shall prepare relevant data and email them to support@matatalab.com, and send the damaged/defective sample back to MATATALAB for analysis. MATATALAB shall provide the registration forms. MATATALAB shall generate a case ID. Incorporate the processed order number in the order as a remark when Distributor places an order in the next time. The remedial goods will be delivered together with the goods of this order.

4) The expense resulted from maintenance or replacement of product within the warranty period and scope shall be undertaken by MATATALAB.



To better identify the cause of problem, after coordinating with MATATALAB, Distributor may send the damaged product back to MATATALAB for analysis, identification and improvement. The expense resulted from mailing of product sample will be returned to Distributor's account by MATATALAB. The frequency of sending back the damaged sample should be decided subject to the negotiation of MATATALAB and Distributor according to actual situation.

Package of product, giveaways, promotion gifts, consumables are not included into warranty.

  1. Out of Warranty

For the damaged/defective product which is out of warranty, MATATALAB also provides technical support. Limited maintenance with customer bearing all related cost (freight, maintenance cost, custom duty and so on) will be provided up to MATATALAB’s analysis of products. Distributor can directly contact support@matatalab.com for assistance and support. MATATALAB shall provide price list of such services.

  1. Delivering goods:

For those goods which decided to return to MATATALAB for analysis, identification and improvement:

  1. Logistics

For the choice of logistics, the distributor can specify the only express company in its convenience of operation in the port of destination. For distributors without special requirements, the choice of logistics is determined by MATATALAB.

Note: When specifying the express company, it is necessary to take into account the operability and logistics costs of MATATALAB comprehensively, and then make a decision.


  1. Custom Duties

MATATALAB goods are exported from Shenzhen, and not required to pay any custom duties. After the goods leave the port, all the resulted expenses including but not limited to the custom duties and customs clearance fees at the destination port, shall be undertaken by the distributor. If the goods are destroyed in local or returned because the failure of custom clearance resulted from the customer's incapacity of custom clearance or other reason irrelevant to MATATALAB, MATATALAB is not responsible for redelivering the goods, or only returns the remaining payment for goods deducting the expense resulted from returning such goods. Please make sure to confirm the policy of custom clearance and necessary documents at the port of destination.