Hands-on and Screenless

Use colorful plastic blocks to represent coding commands and no screen needed, kids construct their understanding with their hands directly
Kid is playing coding toys - Robots for kids - Matatalab


No coding experience required and learning to code becomes as easy as playing building blocks
Steps of setting up STEM toys - Matatalab

Words Free

Intuitive symbol design. Use directional language and no literacy required
Coding process in coding toys - Robotics for kids - Matatalab


Supporting two double-sided that helps kids plan their adventures, along with three storybooks full of progressive activities and challenges
Matatalab STEM toys bundle - programming kit - Matatalab

STEAM Cross-Curricular

A step forward from STEM to STEAM, a fun way to learn and play music and arts, and foster creativity
Sets of robots for kids - Coding toys - Matatalab

Let Your Imagination Run Free

Compatible with different DIY models
Build Matatalab Robot Families - STEM Toys - Matatalab

Friendly for Kids

Sets of Programming kit - Coding toys - Matatalab

Ready to Explore

Matatalab home set of robotics for kids - Matatalab