Matatalab products have recently been reviewed by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), the premier nonprofit membership organization serving educators and education leaders.

What is ISTE standard?
In order to meet ISTE standard, the product needs to:
  • Promote critical technology skills
  • Support the use of technology in appropriate ways
  • Contribute to the pedagogically robust use of technology for teaching and learning
  • Align to the ISTE Standards in specific ways as described in the review finding report
During the review process for Matatalab, reviewers:
  • Collected data on when and how each activity addressed specific skills and knowledge
  • Described in the ISTE Standards for Students at either a foundational or applied level.
  • Compiled findings to determine overall alignment across all ISTE Standards for students and indicators.
  • Used aggregate findings to form the basis of the overall alignment results.
Review Findings

Matatalab Coding Set addresses the ISTE Standards for Students at both the Foundational and Applied levels. Also the ISTE Review Team found that Matatalab makes coding accessible to elementary students and the projects provide opportunities to explore applications of technology while developing skills related to computational thinking and design.