Q:What ages is Matatalab product designed for?

A:Matatalab robot is a kids-friendly education product designed for kids over 4 years old. It includes basic Coding set package, Musician Add-on package, and ArtistAdd-on package. The contents are suitable for students from kindergarten toprimary school ages.


Q: What product quality certifications does Matatalab product have?

A:Matatalab robot has passed China CCC certification, EU EN71 and CE certification,American FCC and ASTM F963-16 certification, Japanese TELEC and PSE certification.


Q:Does Matatalab product require the internet?

A:No, just turn it on and start your adventure.


Q:What is the working principle of the Matatalab educational robot? Is the control tower and robot connected via Bluetooth?

A:The control tower uses image recognition technology to identify the information of the coding blocks and then transmits it to the robot via Bluetooth.


Q:Is any basic coding skills required?

A:No, kids do not need any basic coding experience or reading experience.


Q:What preparation is required before use? Is assembly required?

A:No assembly required! No APP required! You can play with it as soon as you unpack it.


Q:Howto get a quick instruction for using the product?

A:The User Guide can help you quickly understand how to use the product. Moreover, kids can use the challenge booklets to learn independently.


Q:Does Matatalab robot need batteries?

A:No. Matatalab products use built-in lithium batteries inside, and it's rechargeable.


Q:How long do the products need for recharging? How long do the batteries last?

A:Average charging time: The control tower needs 4 hours and the MatataBot needs 2 hours.

Average usage time: Both of the Control tower and MatataBot can work continuously for 4~6 hours.

Q:How sturdy is Matatalab product?

A:Both the control tower and the MatataBot have passed the EN71 safety assessment test and the drop test.


Q: Is there a warranty?

A:The warranty period for the product is one year.

The following circumstances will void the free warranty:

Not able to provide this warranty certificate and valid invoice.

This warranty is unilaterally modified or in compatible with the product.

Natural consumption/ wear and aging of consumable parts.

Damage caused by lightning or other electrical system problems.

Damage caused by improper use, such as external force, damage, etc.

Damage caused by force factors such as accidents / disasters.

Self-dismantled/ reassembled/ repaired products.

Product exceeds the warranty period.

Abuse or misuse, including but not solely limited to the failure to use this product beyond the user manual.


Q:How many maps does the Matatalab product set have?

A:The Matatalab product set includes one double-sided map with two adventure themes.


Q:How can I connect the new Matatalab Controller (included in the Sensor add-on) to my Coding set/ Pro set?

A:Please follow the steps below:
STEP 1: Turn on MatataBot and the Controller

STEP 2: Consistently press the power button of the Controller 3 times quickly, wait for the connection of MatataBot and controller. You will notice that the indicated light of MatataBot is stable but the light of Controller is blinking.

STEP 3: Turn on the Tower, consistently press the power button of the tower 3 times, wait for the connection of Tower and the Controller. After the connection, you will hear a sound of Tower and all the indicated lights are stable. Now it is ready to play.

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