Learning Resources

Aligned with CSTA (Computer Science Teachers Association) Standard
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Play Cards

Alphabet Cards
Code to draw your name

Number Cards
Code to draw your birthday

DIY Competitions

Forest Park Tour in Spring
Let's go forest park tour and study the nature
Learn about the Ocean animals
Explore and Learn about the ocean animals
Explores the space
Let's explore the space world with Matatalab
Christmas Game
Special game for this special Christmas
Matata Classic Flight Chess
New way to play the classic Flight Chess
Early Bird Catches the Worms
Help the early bird to catch the four worms
Matata Soccer Game
Soccer fans! Come play soccer with Matatalab

Robot Competition


Learning Station Curriculum
For school classroom use
Extracurricular Curriculum
For after-school classes use
Artist Add-On Set Curriculum
For art classes or math classes, learning geometric concepts and creatively designing with coding set and artist add-on set
Musician Add-On Set Curriculum
For music classes, learning musician concepts and creatively composing with coding set and musician add-on

Matatalab Deutsch Lehrplan
Matatalab German Curriculum, für den Schulunterricht.
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