Brand Story

Technology has reshaped the world and the life we live as time goes by. One of the most powerful tools invented by mankind is the computer. The power of information and computing will become the core driving force of the future of the Internet of Everything.
Children nowadays are exposed to technology as early as they are born. However, most of them are just passive users in the advent of technology products such as mobile phones, tablets, and computers. What deep connections and positive interactions should children have with technology? This is the question I have been asking and exploring for the past ten years.
We have to guide children to access and understand technology. Jean Piaget, a Swiss psychologist known for his work on child development, believes that children are the builders of their own cognitive structure. According to the findings of Ofcom, six-year-olds are as technologically aware as 45-year-olds. They are even able to understand the core concepts of technology, such as computational thinking as the core literacy in science, at an earlier stage. While at MIT's AI Lab in the 1980s, Prof. Seymour Papert developed the LOGO programming language, with the aim of helping children "concretize" computational thinking. He believes that children would connect their knowledge with the areas of mathematics and physics in the process of understanding the way computers operate.