US summer camp
Matatalab in US summer camp|9 read
US Summer Camp Case Study
Summer Adventure Camp Grades K-2
Matatalab in Hong Kong
Matatalab in Hong Kong|727 read
Hong Kong P1-3 Case Study
Hoi Pa Street Government Primary School
Matatalab in Russia|114 read
Russia Kindergarten Case Study
Kindergarten No. 8 "Skazka" Sergach, Nizhny Novgorod region
Matatalab in Hong Kong|45 read
Hong Kong Case Study
Po Leung Kuk Lam Man Chan English Primary School
Matatalab in Finland FCL|101 read
Finland Peer Teaching Case Study (Grades 5-6)
Students from grades 5 and 6 get to know how Matatalab Coding set works so that they could help the grades 1 and 2 to learn new skills.
Matatalab in Finland FCL|451 read
Finland Grade 1 Case Study
University of Eastern Finland Teacher Training School
Belgium Kindergarten|683 read
Belgium Kindergarten Case Study
eduCentrum vzw Fyxxi Kindergarten
Matatalab in Belarus|333 read
Belarus Kindergarten Case Study
Matatalab in Belarus (Kindergarten)
Matatalab in Macau|270 read
Macau Case Study
Pui Ching Middle School -Kindergarten Dept.
Matatalab in US|233 read
Pre-K Pre-Code U.S. Case Study
Matatalab in US
Matatalab in Ukraine|66 read
STEAM-education Studio Technolab Ukraine Case Study
STEAM-education Studio Technolab Ukraine Case Study (Primary School)
Matatalab in Canada|59 read
Sir Charles Tupper School CA Case Study(Grade 1)
Sir Charles Tupper School CA Case Study (Grade 1)