Making a U-turn and More

Control the speed of each wheel so that MatataBot either makes a u-turn or goes round
Control the Robot Speed - Coding Toys - Matatalab

Drawing a Circle

MatataBot can now draw circles, curved lines or more complex shapes
3 Route for STEM Toys - Matatalab

Checking the Color of the LED

Allow the MatataBot to blink with seven different colors.
Left and Right Button on Robot - Coding Toys - Matatalab

Animating the MatataBot

Ready to ExCool ideas to make your handicrafts, express creativity, and embark on a new coding journey.
Matatalab Robot on the Road - Coding Kits for Kids - Matatalab

Fun Way of Learning Mathematics and Understanding the World!

Matatalab Robot with Pen - STEM Kits for Kids - Matatalab
Speed Differences Result into Various Sizes of Circles - Coding Toys - Matatalab

Ready to Explore

Matatalab Animation Guide - STEM Toys - Matatalab