An Innovative Arts Learning Tool

Draw beautiful graphics and pictures through the movements of the robot
Matatalab Programming Kits with a Pen - Matatalab

Code to Learn Geometry

Improving geometrical theories in a playful manner
How to draw a triangle with STEM Toys - Matatalab

DIY and Free Your Imagination

A new style of creating arts!
Matatalab Video Tutorial - STEM Toys - Matatalab
How to Paint with Programming Kit - Coding Kits for Kids - Matatalab
How to control robot to draw a Picture - Coding Toys - Matatalab
How to code with Matatalab Coding Toys - Matatalab

Explore the World of Lines and Angles

Packed with 3 warm-up cards of 6 activities, kids can intuitively explore mathematics and geometry in a more engaging learning environment.
Square Icon on Programming Toys - Matatalab
Triangle Icon on Coding Toys - Matatalab
Star Icon on Programming Kit - Matatalab
Fun drawing - ABC
How to Draw the Number 3 with Programming Kit - Matatalab
Fun drawing - Numbers
Matatalab Artist Add on Process - Coding Toys - Matatalab

Ready to Explore

Matatalab Aritst - STEM Toys - Matatalab


Matatalab Aritst Add-on - Coding Kits for Kids - Matatalab