Matatalab Self-Guided Course Introduction:

In order to help educators get familiar with Matatalab teaching robots, curriculums, and activities, self-guided courses are provided: Matatalab Lite Course, Matatalab Coding/Pro Set Course,  Matatalab Advanced Coding Course, Matatalab Tale-bot Pro Course, Matatalab Vincibot Course and Matatalab Nous AI Set Course. Several lessons are included in each course, all of the lessons are completely online and asynchronous, educators can learn the materials at different times and locations. A corresponding certificate will be awarded at the end of each course.

You can use the course list below or the menu left to navigate to the Course content:

1. Matatalab Lite Course

2. Matatalab Coding/Pro Set Course

3. Matatalab Advanced Coding Course

4. Matatalab Tale-Bot Pro Course

5. Matatalab VinciBot Course

6. Matatalab Nous AI Set Course