Matatalab together with European Schoolnet (EUN) have set up a pilot project to experiment with, and champion, the effective pedagogical use of Matatalab STEAM learning solution with the active engagement of the Future Classroom Lab (FCL) network and the global community.
The project is open for global educators and students in professional development, training activities, and student workshops with the active use of Matatalab STEAM learning solution. Matatalab and its local partners will provide educational solutions and train participants throughout the project life, while, in parallel, dissemination activities, local training opportunities, workshops, and webinars will be organized for a wider audience. 
* Matatalab reserves all rights of the pilot program.

Project phases
The project will consist of six main phases:
1. Identification of KOL or institutions 
2. Deliver Matatalab coding sets and online or on-side training by Matatalab or Matatalab partners
3. Workshop for teacher trainees -local training led by FCL Ambassadors or local Matatalab partners
4. Student workshops -local training led by FCL Ambassadors or local Matatalab partners
5. Comments and feedback collected from teachers and students
6. Dissemination activities organized by FCL Ambassadors and local Matatalab partners

For more information
Duration: 2021-2022
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Apply for the pilot program: inquiry@matatalab.com