matatalab Tale-Bot Pro
iF Design Award|270 read
Tale-Bot Pro Wins the iF DESIGN AWARD 2022
Tale-Bot Pro, the hands-on coding robot set education edition, is the winner of this year’s iF Design Award in the babies/kids category.
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Why Matatalab Sealed by ISTE Important?
ISTE is committed to empowering connected learners in a connected world and serves more than 100,000 education stakeholders throughout the world.
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Why Technology is the Future of Learning
Aside from bridging the gaps in a socially distant world, technology can also improve educational inequality for students with disabilities and underserved populations, make learning more engaging, and tailor education to each student’s specific needs.
FCL|58 read
Partnering with Future Classroom Lab, Matatalab Offers Students a Better Learning Experience
As one of the partners of FCL, Matatalab is recognized that they have a similar educational goal with FCL. FCL believes that Matatalab can make a great contribution to innovative education.
MWRC|172 read
MWRC 2021 Offline Robotics Competition Greater Bay Area China Trails Successfully Conducted!
Kids Coding and Creative Workshop & MWRC 2021 Offline Robotics Competition Greater Bay Area China Trials Successfully Concluded in Macau!
MWRC|844 read
Exciting MWRC Online Finals: Never Imagine Coding Being So Fun!
2021 MWRC Online Finals Winner Announcement
screenless robot play
matatalab product|1,283 read
Matatalab Tale-Bot Pro, the Cutting-edge STEM Robot You Need Today
Coding has become a cornerstone in today's world: how we interact with computers, construct and run websites, create apps, video games, and basically everything in tech.
MWRC|456 read
Exciting MWRC Online Trials! Check out Little Geniuses' Creative Solutions to Wildlife Protection!
More than 200 teams from around the world engaged in the "Caring for Wild Animals" themed coding task and contributed their ideas to protect wildlife.
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Experience sharing about Matatalab products from the Netherlands Expert
Let's see what does the early learning expert think about Matatalab products