Project Introduction

Welcome to MatataBot's Fancy House, a fun building made of recycled paper. Please collect some corrugated fiberboard and code MatataBot to draw four house shapes on the paper. Next, cut the shapes out with scissors and glue them together. Lastly, decorate the house as creative as you like! Don't hesitate to incorporate toys, Lego, paper crafts, etc. into your house decorations to provide a variety of background settings. Let's get started! DIY, or Do it yourself, was born out of necessity. Fun crafts are a source of inspiration for thinking and an opportunity to improve children's hands-on skills. While doing this, the child also benefits from developing good habits, maintaining observation and attention, as well as improving communication and presentation skills!

Targeted Competencies

Creative Building / Artistic Creation / Algorithmic Thinking / Spatial Thinking 

How to play


1. Refer to the following example to create a program that commands MatataBot to draw a house.

2. Pick a piece of corrugated fiberboard, let MatataBot draw four shapes of small houses with a door on them, and cut them out.

3. Put the shapes together on the floor.

4. Get creative and DIY to decorate the house. You may paint on the house or beautify it with your beloved toys.

5. Done! Enjoy your fancy house!


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