STEM toys don’t have to be overly complex. In fact, many of them are great for younger children. 

In most cases, kids might not even know what STEM is yet, but they’ll still enjoy playing with fun toys, especially if they’re hands-on and engaging.

STEM Toys Are For All Ages

There’s never a wrong time to introduce a kid to STEM. That’s why STEM toys are for all ages. From ages 3+, toys are the perfect way to help kids develop an interest in STEM subjects. Buying an age-appropriate toy ensures it’s engaging for your child’s specific age.

Using STEM Toys To Start Early

STEM encompasses a wide variety of fields that your child could thrive in one day. However, developing an early interest helps them build confidence and makes them want to pursue that interest. STEM toys are the ideal way to help them start early. After all, younger children usually prefer a toy over a textbook.
STEM Toys Make STEM Accessible
STEM subjects can be intimidating. Seeing concepts in a textbook or a computer screen might make younger children back away from these subjects. STEM toys make STEM more accessible. Suddenly, it’s not so technical or serious. STEM is fun and hands-on. In fact, the right toy even takes the screen away so it’s completely hands-on and interactive.

Encourage Creativity

Creativity and STEM go hand-in-hand. New developments in these fields come from creative minds willing to try new approaches to solving problems. STEM toys encourage creativity even more. While playing, kids feel more free to try new things. Using toys helps them express this creativity more than a typical classroom setting. It also helps them explore their creativity in other areas too.

STEM Toys Develop Coordination And Motor Skills

Younger children are often still developing coordination and motor skills. STEM toys are hands-on, helping them develop their fine motor skills as they interact with the toy. As kids work with the toy, they also develop their hand-eye coordination. Think of these toys as more advanced puzzles that are simple, yet engaging enough for young learners.

Matatalab’s STEM Toys

Matatalab wants to help kids as young as three start developing an interest in STEM. The Matatalab Lite kit is the perfect introduction to STEM toys. With a fun robot, kids learn basic coding, problem solving, fine motor skills and more about how technology works. 

As their interest grows, the Matatalab Coding Set brings new challenges. It’s an even more engaging set that sparks curiosity and creativity while building a growing interest in STEM.

The Matatalab Shop is the perfect place to find STEM toys for younger children and inspire the new generation of STEM geniuses.