Project Introduction

Mazes are a very popular play activity for children, which tests their patience and develops their spatial imagination. Moreover, designing a maze is great fun for children. In this game, students are expected to deepen their knowledge in how to code MatataBot to draw rectangles and squares. Furthermore, children are expected to learn about the characteristics of mazes and create their own unique maze game that unleashes their curiosity about the mysterious realm, satisfy the desire to explore, and enhance logical thinking skills. To make the game more fun and inspiring, we can guide the child to make different types of mazes, both flat and three-dimensional.

Targeted Competencies

Computational Thinking / Building Skills / Creative Thinking

How to play

1. Code MatataBot to draw multiple rectangles and squares.
2. Cut out the rectangles and squares using scissors.
3. Choose a theme for the maze and use paint to color the paper. Children can add related scenes to make the maze more interesting and aesthetically pleasing.
4. Assemble the squares and rectangles into a three-dimensional maze.


Design Games:

Game 1: Help MatataBot out of the maze

Game 2: Add Lego elements to make the game more interesting

Game 3: Play "Panda Eats Bamboo" with Matatalab Lite

Game 4: Designing a runway using Matatalab Lite

Game 5: Play "Speed Race" using Matatalab Lite


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