Project Introduction

Matatalab Robotic Vacuum is a flexible, casual yet engaging game that allows children to understand the basic workings of robotic vacuum cleaners. By mapping out the path for the Matatalab Robotic Vacuum, it inspires children to think about the programming logic behind the machines they see in their lives. The seeds of the child's interest in technology and programming are then sown. If one is able to complete the ultimate program at the end of the game, he or she is already a little coding master!  If not, don't worry. Kids will soon pick it up as they become more experienced with Matatalab.

Targeted Competencies

Computational Thinking / Engineering Skills / Creative Thinking

How to play


1: Dress up MatataBot.

2: Ask children to try to design a more complex and efficient program for MatataBot by referring to the path in the picture above.

3: Verify the program.

We have prepared a Matatalab Robotic Vacuum model file for kids. Download it and have fun!



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