Project Introduction

With the hot summer approaching, the annual "Dragon Boat Festival" is upon us again! Dragon Boat Festival is a great time for the whole family to have fun together and foster parent-child relationships, and the most well-known customs are eating Chinese sticky rice dumplings (Zongzi) and dragon boat racing. Hence, we have designed a board game that combines dumplings and dragon boats, so that children can experience the Dragon Boat Festival through playing. The game involves DIY activities such as making dumplings and decorating dragon boat robots. Together with MatataBot, children will have the hands-on opportunity to create their own dragon boat robots and enjoy the fun! Combined with the dragon boat map, children are free to create their own gameplay, using the Remote Control Mode or Coding Mode. Matatalab has designed three board games, Dragon Boat Racing, Dumpling Hunt and Dumpling Fishing, for children to learn about programming through playing.

Dragon Boat Festival is one of the four traditional festivals in China. Dragon boat racing and eating dumplings represent the two major customs of the Dragon Boat Festival, which have been passed down in China since ancient times.

Targeted Competencies

Programming Thinking / Mathematical Thinking / Creative Building / Algorithmic Thinking 

How to play

1.Download the dragon boat paper template and create a dragon boat look for MatataBot.

2.Code MatataBot to draw three squares on the paper, cut them out, and fold them into the shape of a dumpling leaf.

3.Follow the steps to assemble the three leaves into a dumpling, as shown in the picture below. Make about ten dumplings and put five candies into some of them.

4.Attach a magnetic fishing hook to MatataBot using Lego and a magnet.

5.Start the game with a robotic dragon boat race.

6.Scatter the dumplings randomly across the map and code MatataBot to fish for them to see who can catch the most dumplings and who can catch the ones with candies in them.

7.Roll the dice and get MatataBot to find the corresponding number of dumplings!

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