Project Introduction

Children love to play with all kinds of handmade toys, and paper windmills are a fun and handy option. It is so easy that you can make them anytime, anywhere! Now, we'll show you how to make a paper windmill with MatataBot. This activity is an extension of Matatalab Lite's painting feature. Children will further enrich their coding knowledge by drawing squares using the coding mode. In addition, children can use their favorite paints to decorate their artwork. How to beautify a windmill is also a test of children's aesthetic abilities.

Targeted Competencies

Programming Thinking/Creative Thinking 

How to play


1. Material preparation: MatataBot, controller, oil pastels, paper, erasable pens, scissors, double-sided adhesive tape, thin straws, thick straws, etc.

2. Code a program using the controller's coding mode.

3. Code the following movements to draw a square on the paper: move forward, turn right, move forward, turn right, move forward, turn right, move forward, and turn right.

4. Cut the square out with a pair of scissors, and fold it in half diagonally.

5. Use the oil pastels to paint the four corners of the square.

6. Cut along the diagonal line with a pair of scissors and stop 1/3 of the way from the other end.

7. Stick the double-sided adhesive tape along the diagonal cross.

8. Cut the thin straw as shown and stick it to the back of the windmill.

9. Put the thin straw into a thicker straw.

10. That's it, your paper windmill is done!

11. Next, let's try to code MatataBot to make a bigger windmill!

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