Robotics for kids is more than an educational experience. Kids also improve their social skills. As strange as that might sound, robotics doesn’t just mean sitting alone playing with a robot. It’s an opportunity to bring kids and families closer together, all while teaching kids valuable skills they can use in the future.

Robotics For Kids Gets Kids Off Screens

It’s hard to be too social when you’re glued to a phone, tablet or computer screen all the time. Robotics for kids requires them to step away from their screens. While older kids may use a screen part of the time for more advanced programming, younger kids don’t need a screen at all to play with and code a robot. Less screen time is more time to interact with others.

Parents Can Play Along Too

If you’re looking for a fun activity you can do as a family, robotics for kids is perfect. Kids as young as three can start playing with robots and even learning very early coding skills. The best part is parents can play along with their kids. Set up new challenges for them to solve. Ask them to explain how they did something. And get excited for them as they discover new things.

Join Robotics For Kids Groups

As kids start to get more interested in robotics, consider joining local robotics for kids groups. These can be bring-your-own-robot groups or groups where kids put together robots in groups and show off what they can do. This is a chance for kids to meet others who enjoy the same thing. 

Create Storytelling Games With Robotics For Kids

It’s not unusual for kids to get so engaged with their robot that they actually forget anyone else is around. However, this is also a way to improve their social skills. Use robotics for kids to create storytelling games. Ask your child to tell you a story using their robot and new coding skills. Watch as their imaginations go to work and they get excited sharing their stories. For even better social skills, get kids in groups to create a story together.

Matatalab Pro Set Helps With Social Skills

The Matatalab Pro Set is the perfect example of using robotics for kids to teach social skills. It’s ideal for group activities and classrooms. Kids use the small robot to navigate through challenges, play games and even create stories. The set also includes tools to incorporate art and music. 


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