Being a parent doesn’t mean giving up play time and toys. Thanks to fun coding toys, you can play along with your kids.

Not only is it fun for everyone involved, you both get the chance to learn something new. Besides, spending extra quality time together is always a good thing.

Turn Coding Time Into Family Time

Everyone has busy schedules, even kids. This makes it hard to find time to sit down and be a family. Sometimes, it’s hard to even have dinner together. With coding toys, you get to mix fun, play, education and family time. Parents get to slow down and experience the joy of playtime with their kids. Setting aside time each day or several times a week makes a big difference for everyone.

Coding Toys Encourage Better Teamwork

Coding toys might seem like they’d be for solo play, which they can be. However, they’re much more fun when parents get involved. Suddenly, you’re teaching your child how to work as part of a team to solve coding challenges. 

Coding toys offer endless challenges, especially when parents and kids work together to create new ones. Even if you have multiple kids, playing with them teaches teamwork much better than if they played on their own.

Learn Coding Concepts Together

It’s never too late to learn coding concepts. Whether it’s to get a new job or just to better understand it to help your kids in school, parents should try to learn everything they can. Playing with coding toys with your kids is a great way to learn. Just because they’re toys don’t mean you won’t learn a lot from them. This also shows your kids the power of learning throughout their lives.

Playing With Coding Toys Together Increases Engagement

A kid might get bored or overwhelmed if they get stuck. However, if parents are playing with coding toys with them, you can give them hints to help keep them motivated. Plus, even if included challenges run out, you’re there to keep the fun going with new ones. This increases engagement and keeps them learning more.

Matatalab’s Coding Toys Engage Parents And Kids

Matatalab’s coding toys are both kid and parent-friendly. There are endless challenges using blocks and symbols versus screens. The cute robot is instantly engaging. Matatalab Lite offers a great introduction. Or, check out larger coding sets along with fun add-ons for budding artists, musicians and animators at Matatalab’s Store. Then, get ready to start playing with your kids and laughing and learning right alongside them.