On March 20, the end of term exhibition of the afterschool program was held in B4 Gymnasium of Pui Ching Middle School Macau by its kindergarten section. A total of 80 people joined in the activity, including the School’s Principal Kou Kam Fai, Director of Kindergarten Lau Iok Leng, kids of Grades K2 and K3, and kids’ parents.

The activity was held to summarize what were taught in the afterschool program and to exhibit the kids’ achievements. Since October 2020, Matatalab has established cooperation with the Kindergarten Section of Pui Ching Middle School Macau. Matatalab products have been widely used by the 40 kids participated in the program.

The activity includes an “Ocean Exploration” themed work presentation. Kids put the work they prepared beforehand on their desk. In the presentation, the curriculum was reviewed and at least three kids from each of K2 and K3 classes were randomly chosen to present their works to others. Kids were encouraged to share their interesting moments during programming and creation.

At the end, awards were presented to the kids for their fantastic works presented in the activity. It was not unreasonable for the kids to be so happy, as the whole class witnessed their glorious moments, which is a huge encouragement for them. It was believed that with the end of term exhibition held by Kindergarten Section of Pui Ching Middle School Macau, kids will become more and more interested in coding, which will help develop their coding abilities and confidence.