Animals are the best friends of human beings. However, as mankind continues to exploit the planet, wildlife around the world is facing daunting survival challenges such as the greenhouse effect. Many species are on the verge of extinction! How to protect them is now a critical test confronting us.
In the recently concluded trials for the 2021 MatataWorld Robotics Competition (MWRC), more than 200 Matatalab teams from around the world engaged in the "Caring for Wild Animals" themed coding task and contributed their ideas to protect wildlife.


To rise to the challenge, the young contestants actively retrieved information and employed their creativity and hands-on skills to create a perfect conservancy in their own minds. Wow, look at all these greeneries, animals, and the MatataBot Patroller!

The smart patroller is disguised as a rhino by the children so that they can achieve a very important mission: to help the blind white rhino, Clack. Such a clever design allows it to engage with Clack up close and better enable the white rhino to share the love of humans.

During the day, the patroller is coded by the children to look after the various animals, always keeping a watchful eye around the conservancy.

Sometimes, it is also responsible for guarding against poachers. Once spotted, the patroller will catch the bad guys in the fastest possible way under the instructions coded by the children.

One day, the costumed MatataBot found an injured baby elephant during his patrol. The young contestants are required to brainstorm and design appropriate routes, procedures and tools to assist it in escorting the baby elephant back to the rescue station for treatment.

Being exposed to these vivid story scenarios, do you still remember that this is an online robotic competition? With coding as a trigger, the little participants not only gained in-depth knowledge about wildlife protection, but also created many interesting handicrafts during the event. Moreover, the theme of "animals, friends of human beings" was deeply engraved in their minds.
Such a learning experience is something you can't experience in any classroom. A big LIKE for all the creative participants! Below is the list of winners distinguished from the 200 teams worldwide.

The winning teams will directly qualify for the finals. Apart from that, other units who have advanced to the finals will soon receive official invitations by email.

But then again, what's more, relevant than the results is that each child has gained and grown through their involvement! We look forward to more exciting presentations by the genius young minds in the coming MWRC events of 2021!