Tale-Bot Pro

Coding, the cornerstone

Coding has become a cornerstone in today's world: how we interact with computers, construct and run websites, create apps, video games, and basically everything in tech. Amidst this fast-growing technological era, with big tech corporations, startups, and a multitude of industries requiring computer science skills for employment, coding has become such a high-demand skill. In fact, over 600,000 middle-class coding-related jobs in the US are in the market now, yet the short supply of skilled coders has yet to fill the gap. Needless to say, it is essential for us to encourage the young generations to strive towards achieving mastery in the cornerstone of coding. However, there's a major misconception about learning to code that discourages many from pursuing it: it's too hard and complicated and requires a lot of knowledge and experience.


Coding at an early age

Away with that myth! Coding at a high level might indeed be complicated with its own set of intricacies but learning to code can and should start at an early age. The basic levels of coding can be fundamentally learned by 3-year-olds with the help of STEM tools. Training a kid's mindset at an early age to think critically, computationally, and creatively will set them on the right track to coding mastery and finesse. Bring in Matatalab's Tale-Bot Pro, a coding robot set for kids ages 3-5, and the perfect stepping stone to get into more advanced coding down the line.


Hands-on and screen-free

One of the downfalls of our increased need for technology is the reciprocal increased screen time that inevitably comes with it, which has its own set of negative effects. Thankfully, Matatalab’s Tale-Bot Pro is 100 percent screen-free, giving kids a tangible, hands-on experience with everything they learn. Promoting movement, coordination, muscle memory, and physical activity all contribute to an improved learning experience!


Creativity, critical thinking, and multiple-angled approaches

STEM tools aim to target multiple parts of the brain that stimulate creativity, in-depth critical thinking, and a thought process that requires trial and error. The Tale-Bot Pro is no different. Activities that involve creative thought processes, deep thinking, and perspective are all in play. Regardless of a student's level of ability, the Tale-Bot Pro can present challenges suitable for all, everyone can learn equally!


Smart interactive technology

Evolving from its predecessors, the Tale-Bot Pro introduces new smart interactive technology that includes instant voice feedback, the ability to record imaginative storytelling, and intuitive methods to track coding and debugging. These new additions empower not only students, but also educators, giving them full freedom to manage their teaching, learning, and facilitating. There's no limit to how the Tale-Bot Pro's smart interactive technology features are utilized.



With the rising importance of coding at a young age in today's market, Matatalab's Tale-Bot Pro is a no-brainer when it comes to getting started. Equipping every 3–5-year-old with the creative, critical, and experimental tools needed to step forward into the world of learning to code, the Tale-Bot Pro stands out, especially with its screen-free nature, intuitive activities, and smart interactive technology.

For any potential educators, institutions, or distributors interested in the Tale-Bot Pro, please contact us and send an inquiry to inquiry@matatalab.com, with the default subject "I am interested in Tale-Bot Pro." Happy learning!

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