Join and Protect Our Animals



After three months of trials and competitions, the 2021 MWRC Global Online Finals was successfully concluded. More than 200 teams from around the world engaged in the competition, including Mainland China, Singapore, Japan, Russia, Ukraine, the United States, Canada, Finland, Hong Kong (China), UAE and Australia, etc.

In this competition, which was themed [Join and Protect Our Animals], children from all over the world created various animal protection plans by combining wonderful ideas with the topic Environmental Protection and using their own coding works. That was amazing.


Competition Review

The young contestants were ingenious and their division of work was clear. They used paper, brushes, Lego blocks and other readily available materials to create a conservancy in their own minds.


Little Matatalab guardians can be seen everywhere, whether in the jungle, in the desert or on the glacier. 


Some were cleaning up garbage over and over on the wavy seashore. 


Some were secretly patrolling in the jungle. 


Some were walking between volcanoes and glaciers.


Some were cleaning up plastic garbage in the conservancy.


Members of each team participating in the competition worked hard and cooperated quite skillfully. It can be seen at a glance that they have practiced a lot. No wonder the works presented were so amazing.


We are so proud to see the smiling faces of the children from worldwide! 



There were so many participating teams, and wonderful works were emerging one after another. Which teams would then finally stand out and win the honors of the year?


The MWRC competition is a stage for every child who has interest in Matatalab to show their talents. In the future, we will launch more fun events, in the hope that more children will participate in the events and show off their achievements!