Sponsored by China Resources Bank of Zhuhai Co., Ltd., hosted by Macau Gifted Education Association and undertaken by Wellwin Technology Limited, the Kid Coding and Creative Workshop and MatataWorld Robotics Competition Macao was successfully concluded in the venue of the 11th China (Macau) International Automobile Exposition on November 13-14, 2021.

Macau kids who are only 4-8 years old participated in the two themed events of this competition, i.e. the DIY Robotics Creative Speech Show and the MatataWorld Robotics Competition (MWRC) Macau.

On the first day, the Qualification Competition for the MWRC Finals was held, in which the young Macau players fully demonstrated their skills in coding and teamwork, as well as their thoughtfulness and ingenuity in creative design in the arena.

The kids were absorbed in the competition! They placed the Coding Blocks on the Control Board and pressed the Play button, the little robot then began to move in an orderly manner in the "jungle". Finally, the young players overcame all obstacles and helped their robots enter the arena. In the arena, the robots battled each other while the kids made responses flexibly. The scene was very fun and attracted the attention of many adults and kids.

The six teams below were qualified to advance to the Finals:

  • Team Crazy Giraffes — Huang Peina, Yan Dejin
  • Team Big Elephants — Su Potu, Li Letian
  • Team Jungle Machineries — Lao Zijun, Huang Youfan
  • Team Leopard Robots — Su Zitao, He Baiqian
  • Team Orangutans — Chen Zilang, Luo Langhao
  • Team Pioneer Mice — Zeng Haoyi, Luo Nuoen

Watch the video to check the amazing works of the kids


In the DIY Robotics Creative Speech Show, the kids worked hard together with their parents and teachers to create their works. The kids fully demonstrated their wild imagination and creativity through bold creations and interesting stories.


Chen Hexian gave a confident and vivid speech, and took the MatataBot on an extraordinary adventure. 


Zeng Haoyi and Ro Nuoen taught us the twelve Chinese zodiac signs.


Ouyang Yiyan vividly described how to clean up the garbage.


Wonderful works! So amazing!


Thanks again to all the units and institutions for their efforts and supports in smoothly and successfully holding the competition even in the midst of the epidemic. It was believed that all kids gained confidence and happiness in the competition whether they got awards or not. The future of the world belongs to the youth!

Sponsored by: China Resources Bank of Zhuhai Co., Ltd.
Hosted by: Macau Gifted Education Association
Supported by: Nam Kwong International Convention and Exhibition Co., Ltd., Macau Gifted Education Association, Amazing Creation Limited.
Cooperative institutions (listed in no particular order): Scholar Education Group, Chi Iao Education, Stemie Academy, Upper House Academy, Birdie STEM Lab, Baby Academy, Macau Artificial Intelligence Education Center, Chappie Education Center