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How was the Matatalab robot(s) used?
We first use the Nature Map that comes with the set to teach them about location and develop their sense of direction.
The Nature Map consists of different types of landscapes such as Waterfall, Grassland, River, Cliff, Desert, Gobi, Mountain, Valleys, Volcano, Snowfield, Island, Sea, Forest, Lake, Beach and Glacier to capture the students' interest.
After learning how to use it we then created 2 projects which one of it is Exploration in Mars where Matatalab bot become the Space Rover and in another project, Cuti-Cuti Malaysia, where the Matatalab bot become the bus to take us to different states in Malaysia.

Matatalab Pro Set at Malaysia Classroom


What skills did it develop?
It helps the students develop a sense of direction and problem-solving skills. When we are doing the obstacle part in the program, the students are being challenged to come up with different solutions to help the Matatalab bot reach its destination.
Students can also practice their math by learning how many steps it takes to reach their destination and also using the numbers block to attach it to the Directional Block to shortcut the coding process. The students also learn to voice out their opinions and communicate better with each other in class where they take turns to lead the Matatalab bot in their quest.

Matatalab hands-on coding robot Pro Set in Malaysia Kindergarten


What worked best and what was challenging?
Best: The blocks have specific groves behind so when the students wrongly attached the block onto the coding plane it will not fit. Hence, the students themselves will know how to correct it instantly which is user-friendly for younger age children such as 6 years old.
Challenge: The Matatalab bot dome is connected to the body by magnet so when the students were too excited to take it from their friend the dome fell off if it was slightly pushed from the magnetic point. The Matatalab bot also required a perfect flat surface for it to function properly else it might not be able to pass to the next box if there is a slight bump or the bot might go out of its intended box.

Matatalab hands-on coding robot Pro Set in Malaysia Kindergarten


How did students respond?
Through this journey, the students learn the most on how to work with each other and learn that there are more than one solution for a problem. They enjoy every time when their codes work and always celebrate by clapping their hands to show their excitement. It was really good to see how well the kids can cooperate with each other.

matatalab hands-on coding robot Pro Set in Malaysia kindergarten


Share your comments upon the class using Matatalab
The sets are easy to use even if the teachers do not have any programming background. Younger age students can also adapt to the sets quickly as there are no words on it but pictures and signs.

Matatalab hands-on coding robot Pro Set in Malaysia kindergarten