Time flies! MWRC online finals came to their third year. Despite the occasional epidemic, MWRC has become an important communication bridge in the past three years, attracting many kids worldwide to participate.
This year's MWRC online finals, with the theme "Exploration for a Beautiful Life", hope to cultivate kids' innovation, cooperation and problem-solving ability through this unique programming competition.

There are 90 teams with over 100 people from 7 countries advanced to the finals! They creatively practiced programming into use and integrated the competition scene setting up, route designing, programming and execution during the competition.

Let's appreciate the incredible performance of the kids together!
Using daily tools such as paper, brushes and recyclable materials such as packing boxes and plastic bottles, kids work together to give full play to their creativity and hands-on ability to build task scenes.

It is impressive to learn that each group's task scene has its characteristics, which gathered the strength of everyone in the team.

Setting up the scene is only a part of the competition. In the programming task process, kids flexibly plan the route through the programming knowledge they have learned and complete the task differently.

Matatalab robots under the control of kids are like exploring the universe or riding the waves in the sea. The fantastic show impressed the MWRC Programming Organizing Committee judges.

Finally, let's see who have won the grand prize! Let's congratulate them, and we look forward to more kids making persistent efforts to show better ideas in the future!


The Top 3 excellent works from Pre-Schooler division:





The Top 3 excellent works from Elementary Schooler division: