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The MatataWorld Robotics Competition (MWRC) is a global robotics event seeking to improve children's all-round skills through fun and challenging activities.

In 2020, the MWRC Organizing Committee was initiated and established by China, Japan, Singapore, and Canada to promote the development of STEAM education for preschool children around the world. Offering challenging tasks, the event is designed to increase children's self-confidence in science and technology, and help them apply what they learn to solve real-life problems so as to explore and create a new world of their own. 

Mission & Season

City Rescue Robotics Competition

City Rescue Robotics Competition

Matatalab Jungle Adventure Robotics Competition

Jungle Adventure Robotics Competition

Matatalab MatataWorld Robotics Competition

MatataWorld Robotics Competition

Previous works

MWRC Projects


You can go to the specific event introduction pages or simply follow our website and Facebook official page updates to learn more about MWRC 2020.
Participants or coaches can register through our official website. Please click on the "Sign up" button on the relevant event details page, and fill in and submit your registration information.
This is subject to the rules of each specific mission.
Some events require participation under a school name. Please refer to the Challenge Program for each specific event.
It is forbidden to use other teams' robots in the competition. If there is a malfunction, you may repair it on your own or contact the organizing committee for a replacement, if permitted.

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