Years from now, along with the continuous development of human civilization, the ecological environment is facing extremely serious damage, such as the over-exploitation of the Earth's resources, wastewater brought about by industrial development, garbage generated by life, etc. You travel with MatataBot to a corner of the Earth, which can be a grassland, forest, mountain, ocean and other places. Here you see heartbreaking situations such as indiscriminate logging, pesticide abuse, sewage discharge, garbage piles and illegal hunting. The local animal friends are living a difficult life and are in great need of someone to help them improve their home environment. Unleash your imagination and turn MatataBot into a brave messenger of justice! The robot is supposed to be modified according to different environments so that it can protect our animal friends in an adaptive way. For example, in a forest scene, you can arrange MatataBot to clean up the bottles and plastic bags that fall everywhere; or remove the traps and bird nets found; or prohibit the offenders from illegal logging and hunting and arrest them; or provide medical treatment to the injured animal friends and send them back home, etc.

Come and start a brave and loving journey of justice with MatataBot!



  • Make a grid map, with each grid measuring 10cm*10cm. You are encouraged to use materials available at home to create your own scenes according to your choice;
  • Creatively decorate and transform MatataBot;
  • Tangible coding: code MatataBot to depart from the starting point and protect our animal friends throughout the journey. MatataBot shall be coded to alert when it encounters a breach of the environment and preys on animals, and takes appropriate measures to protect the environment.
  • Set MatataBot to return to the starting point and stop the program after completing the task.


Scoring Items:

  • Creative modification of robots and map design;
  • MatataBot alerts and acts accordingly;
  • MatataBot completes its trajectory and returns to the destination.


Materials Required:

  • Self-made grid maps of various sizes, with each grid measuring 10cm x 10cm. You are encouraged to make your own maps through painting;
  • Matatalab products;
  • Brushes, cardboard, glue paper, scissors, and other materials for making models and map decoration;
  • You are also encouraged to use paper crafts, clay, Lego parts, popsicle sticks, and other materials to decorate MatataBot.