MatataBot Fails to Execute Instructions


Press the play button and listen to whether the MatataBot makes a "ding" sound to distinguish the scenes.

Scenario 1:

No "ding". This could be a bluetooth connection issue with the Command Tower and the MatataBot.


  • Check whether the machine is turned on through the system indicators;


  • Check if Command Tower is successfully started. If yes, Command Tower will play the start-up music, and the control board indicator will change from orange BLD to constant-on orange LED. Command Tower will restart if it fails to boot;


  • Check whether bluetooth is connected according to the status of the system indicator light (If Command Tower and the MatataBot system indicator lights are constantly on, then the bluetooth is successfully connected). If bluetooth is not connected, you can try to pair them again.


  • If the malfunction persists, then return the machine to the original manufacturer for repair.

Scenario 2:

There is a “ding” sound. The sound indicates that the MatataBot has received the bluetooth signal, and there may be a recognition problem or a problem with the MatataBot wheel.


  1.  "Recognition Problems" Solutions:
  • Check whether the control board is covered by highlights or shadows, and then change the position of the Command Tower to elsewhere with normal light and try again. If it does not work, move to step 3.


  • Check whether execution failures occur occasionally. If so, please move the coding blocks to the center area of the control board and observe if the execution is successful. If not, go to step 3.


  • Press and hold the play button for 10s.  When the play button is released, the MatataBot will make a "ding" sound. Then return the machine to the manufacturer for repair.


  1. Wheel Problem Solution:
  • Please return to the solution 1 on the above mentioned robot movement malfunction.