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Why STEM Toys Are Great For Younger Children
STEM toys aren’t just for teens and adults. Learn why younger children should play with them too.
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Robotics For Kids: 4 Lifelong Benefits
Robotics for kids offers a variety of lifelong benefits. Learn about the top four that help them in school and far beyond.
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Using Coding Toys To Improve Problem Solving Skills
Want an easy and fun way to improve your child’s problem solving skills? Using coding toys could be the perfect answer.
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Are Coding Toys Good For Preschoolers?
You might think of preschoolers playing with simpler toys than a coding robot or other coding toys. However, the right type of toy appeals to kids as young as three. 
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Coding Toys Teach Valuable Life Skills
While it’s important for kids to learn to code, they also need to develop life skills to help them progress through life. Coding toys have the power to help with this.
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Surprising Benefits Of Robots For Kids
Robots for kids are always fun toys. They move, light up and make noise. What’s not to love?
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Using A Coding Robot To Inspire Creativity
When you think of using a coding robot, it’s probably to teach coding concepts, not creativity. However, there’s not much you can’t do with code.
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The Most Important Features For STEM Toys
STEM toys are a great learning tool to teach science, technology, engineering and mathematics. All it takes is the right toy to get a child interested in STEM for life.
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Benefits Of STEM Toys For Autism
Kids with autism tend to learn differently than others. It’s important to choose toys that fit with their learning style and interests, which is often STEM toys.