MWRC|1,014 read
Exciting MWRC Online Finals: Never Imagine Coding Being So Fun!
2021 MWRC Online Finals Winner Announcement
screenless robot play
matatalab product|1,980 read
Matatalab Tale-Bot Pro, the Cutting-edge STEM Robot You Need Today
Coding has become a cornerstone in today's world: how we interact with computers, construct and run websites, create apps, video games, and basically everything in tech.
MWRC|573 read
Exciting MWRC Online Trials! Check out Little Geniuses' Creative Solutions to Wildlife Protection!
More than 200 teams from around the world engaged in the "Caring for Wild Animals" themed coding task and contributed their ideas to protect wildlife.
product reviews|255 read
Experience sharing about Matatalab products from the Netherlands Expert
Let's see what does the early learning expert think about Matatalab products
Macau kindergarten|456 read
End-of-Afterschool-Program Exhibition by the Kindergarten Section of Pui Ching Middle School Macau
The activity was held to summarize what were taught in the afterschool program and to exhibit the kids’ achievements.
MWRC, 2020 finals, japan|438 read
An Award Ceremony of MWRC 2020 Finals of Japan
Kisarazu First Elementary School held an award ceremony to award certificates and prizes to the contestants who participated in the MWRC
pilot program, FCL|681 read
FCL Finland & Matatalab Pilot Program - Part1 Workshop for teacher students
The FCLab and matatalab pilot started on Thursday the 17th of February with five teacher students who are doing their practice in the University of Eastern Finland Teacher Training School.
STEM toys|324 read
Benefits Of Using STEM Toys In The Classroom
Classrooms don’t have to rely solely on textbooks. Learn about the benefits of using STEM toys in the classroom.
robotics for kids|261 read
How To Get Kids Interested In Robotics For Kids
Robotics are important for kids to learn. Find out how to get them interested in robotics for kids to create a lifelong interest.