1. Lesson Objectives: Get to know the Activity Box. Especially, understand how to use the interactive maps or stickers.

2. Time: 30 mins

3. Language: English

4. Format: Completely Online

5. Level: Beginner

Unit List:

1.  What’s included

2.  Interactive maps

3.  Blank Map

4.  Sticker Booklet

5. Command Cards

6. Important Use Tips

Unit 1. What’s included

In Activity Box, these are included:

1. Command card x 32

2. Double-sided interactive maps x 5

3. Configuration setting card x 1

4. Double-sided blank map x 1

5. Callout stickers x 1

6. Sticker booklet x 1

7. Callout stickers quick guide x 1

8. Paper craft x 3

Unit 2. Interactive maps: 

There are 5 double-sided interactive maps, including rich scenes which are in line with the perception and interests of 3-5 years old children. They lead the children to learn interdisciplinary knowledge while learning to program.

2.1 The features of interactive maps:

  • Instructive: The voice feedback will guide children to complete programming step by step.
  • Erro warning: Remind children when the robot goes to the wrong place.


2.2 How to use the interactive maps?



2.3 Detailed information on the interactive maps.



Unit 3. Blank Map:

There is 1 double-sided blank map. It provides an open playground. Children can place objects, cards, interactive stickers, and other small things on the Blank map, that they can independently create interesting and rich programming scenarios. 

Unit 4. Sticker Booklet:

The Sticker booklet includes a total of 10 themes of interactive stickers and a set of function stickers, a total of 79 interactive stickers. The 10 themes are Supermarket, Profession, Saving the princess, Harvest, Solar system, Antonyms, Patrol car, Farm, Cars, and Treasure hunting. The Function stickers include signal stickers and trap stickers.


Unit 5. Command Cards:

There are 32 pieces of Command cards.

  • When children are first exposed to programming, assist them to write and record programs better.
  • Help students better understand the color correspondence between coding indicators and command buttons.



Unit 6. Important Use Tips:

1. To use the Interactive Maps, please place the robot at the main entrance on the upper left of the map first; after hearing the voice instruction, place the robot at any secondary entrance, and start coding according to the voice instructions.

2. When the Tale-Bot Pro is at the main entrance, secondary entrance, or the starting point, the voice instruction can be simply stopped and switched to the new voice instruction of the new place you put the robot.

3. When the Tale-Bot Pro is already moving on the map, you can only press the Play button to stop the voice instruction.

4. When the voice instruction is playing, pressing any button other than the Play button to stop the voice instructions is useless. You have to wait for the voice instruction to be finished, then you can press the buttons to program.--- This helps to improve the patience and sense of rules of the kids. If you really have to interrupt the voice of Tale-Bot Pro, you have to press the Play button to inform it

5. The Interactive Maps and interactive stickers are suggested to be used separately!

6. Once entering one themed Interactive Stickers, Tale-Bot Pro would not give any response to other themed Interactive Maps or Interactive Stickers. Thus, if you finish using one themed Interactive Map, and want to use the Interactive Stickers, please restart Tale-Bot Pro.

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