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1. Lesson Objectives: Understand what is sequencing in coding and Matatalab; understand how to use Motion coding blocks and Number coding blocks to create a program and make MatataBot operate.

2. Time: 20 mins

3. Language: English

4. Format: Completely Online

5. Level: Beginner

Unit List:

1. Introduction

2. Motion

3. Parameter

4. Practice

Unit 1. Introduction

Unit 2. Motion

Coding block of STEM toys for kids - Matatalab

In Matatalab Coding Set, there are 12 Motion coding blocks: 4 Move Forward coding blocks, 4 Move Backward coding blocks, 4 Turn Left coding blocks, 4 Turn Right coding blocks.

Placing Motion coding blocks on the Control Board correctly can make MatataBot move forward and backward, or turn left and right. If a series of Motion coding blocks are placed on the Control Board, the Command Tower will read these commands and MatataBot will complete these movements in a specific order, which is from left to right and from top to bottom.

Learning Chart of Robotics for kids - Matatalab
Video guide of robotics for kids - Matatalab


Unit 3. Parameter

Matatalab Coding Set also provides Number coding blocks.

In Coding Set, there are two functions of Number coding blocks. The first one is to be used with move forward or backward coding blocks. It can make MatataBot execute this command as many times as the number on the Number coding blocks. For example, when the move forward coding blocks with number 2 coding blocks are used, MatataBot will move 2 steps forward 2 steps (Note: Number coding blocks cannot be used with turn left or right coding blocks).

Guide of how to use robots for kids - Matatalab

Number coding blocks can also be used with Fun coding blocks. When using Number coding blocks and Fun coding blocks together, it means MatataBot will choose the corresponding built-in programs and execute according to the number. For example, when using the Number 2 coding blocks with Preset Music coding blocks, MatataBot will perform the 2nd preset dance movement.

Little girl dancing - Robots for kids - Matatalab

Unit 4. Practice

For this lesson, you can practice if you own a Matatalab Coding Set. If you do not have one, please use the window below to get familiar with sequencing, Motion coding blocks, and Number coding blocks.

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